Sunday, November 22, 2009

Biscuit Stuffing Recipe

By request, here it is:

Get dried biscuits, crumble them all up

Take a giblet, sautee it in a lot of duck fat. Let it simmer on low for like 3 minutes, don't let the fat burn. (if you want a protein based stuffing and BALLIN out of control, get some duck leg and sautee it in the duck fat. Or, you could use country sausage. Don't use no italian sausage or anything like that. duck or country sausage.)

Remove giblet, add minced shallots, sage, crushed red pepper, minced carrots, and rosemary

Let simmer, then deglaze pan with hennessy.

Add agave nectar or brown sugar (or whatever sweetener you want). Hit it with a dash of soy sauce.

Add about a half cup of water.

Then put in the biscuits (i had like 8 crumbled up biscuits) crumble and stir, stuffing should be slightly moist and fluffy.