Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So your boy boy Oliver Wang put this up on facebook: "will debates over "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" resemble those over "Stankonia"? (Inspiraitonal credit for this thought goes to JP)"

Good question... For the record, I have no knowledge of musical terms... we need to hit the big homie jesse serwer if you want that, but here goes...

Outkast first... Being from Florida (it's not the deep south, but its still more southern than the LES)... we felt people up north didn't start listenin to dat Kast until Aquemini. Some had been down with elevators but it was light. But for me, when Aquemini dropped, I was like what happened to my outkast? This shit sounds more expensive. Where'd you get those trumpets dre? Where'd that shitty high hat (that I love) from ATLiens go? Yall got synthesizers? Who else wanna fuck wit hollywood core? There were more layers to the Aquemini sound. The one track that sounded more like the old kast was Skew it on the Bar-B. Aquemini was still dark dungeon music, but it felt like fine dining. Not as easily consumable as ATLiens. But that's a good thing... 

Been wearin furry kangols so that shit is old
You might slang a rock or two just to pay the rent
$5 for a table dance so now your money spent
You listen to that booty shake music in your trunk
As long there's that tick tick followed by that bump

West Savannah - Big Boi

Ironically, big boi's verse is the best argument for Aquemini and the newer sound, but it was actually recorded for southernplayalisticcadillacfunkymuzic. They evolved their sound and I guess you have to say Aquemini is their "best" album. ATLiens is still my favorite album to drink cod liver oil to, but Aquemini and MBDTF are transcendental albums that had a "new" sound we hadn't really heard from that artist. 

MBDTF is epic MPS: Motion Picture Shit. I love the storybook introduction, the piano and chorus set up Kanye like he's the last emperor or something equally important. Nicki kills it and that leads to the next point, the casting for this album is undefeated. RZA has his best role since American Gangster as the guy who thinks dirty white bitches are ridiculous. You need one of that guy at every PTA meeting. Chris Rock murders his appearance and almost tops the kanye workout bit. Each feature has a perfect role except Kid Cudi, who should have been bringing every one coffee... yes, Cudi, please see if Cy-Hi the Prince is thirsty.

Like Aquemini with Skew it on the Bar-B, Raekwon features on the one track (Gorgeous) that sounds like the last album and it's a good thing. I also like the obligatory motown (smokey robinson) sample for "Devil in a New Dress". So Appalled is a mother fuckin hit. It's dope to hear a crunchy chest thumpin track effortless and slowed down so you can sip your cognac and still be all upset and appalled. Swizz Beats somehow comes off sounding like he didn't just hit the slopes so props to Ye for slipping him some sizzurp. I love when RZA's verse comes on during lunch at baohaus and old people can't understand how it's still music. That's what I mean by transcendental. 

People complain about Runaway but it's my favorite track. It's genre bending. It's every kid's wet dream. What else would a 10 year old want? You are sitting at home playing chopsticks on the piano... then kanye appears to your left with a mixer and some drops. He decides to bless the performance with some shitty hip hop serenade a la Ja-Rule but you love it. He says something about sending chicks pictures of his dick... pause... you weren't ready for it, but its all good cause you heard Pusha-T is about to come over and murder shit which he does... All three of you in the room are young, rich and tasteless.

Somehow, with all these moving parts that wouldn't seem to fit together, in Kanye's hands ... make ill music that doesn't sound like anything we've ever heard in one album. Yes, Devil in a New Dress sounds like Maybach Music, Blame Game is chick music with angry brothers on it, and Hell of a Life could have been on 808... but altogether, this album is bulletproof. 

As is with ATLiens, I can eat Graduation everyday, but MBDTF is thanksgiving. Best meal of the year.

Thanksgiving @ XY

That is the Fried Turkey Leg Platter. Served it yesterday and today as well. Serves 2 to 3. We had it for Baohaus/XY Staff Thanksgiving. Deep fried leg we brined then topped with red cooked gravy. Basically, I took the jus from the chairman bao stock at baohaus and made a roux with it.

This is the brine for the turkey. It's chili pepper and soy based.

Mashed Potatoes with scallions, red sausage, a little lard and white pepper

Back side of the turkey leg. We carved the meat on the outside of the leg, then refried the bone so that the little bits of meat got crispy like chicharron. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Think I give a fuck about sparklers?

JUST BRING MY BAOS BITCH. Dipset reunion this friday.

This friday at Baohaus, you get a free Birdhaus Bao with purchase of any frush combo (straight or royal frush). If u REALLY don't want to get with the movement and want something besides a bird, we can do that, but u not like us. What up buzzin buzzin, bird flip a dozen dozen...

If u shoppin in the neighborhood, come thru! If ur girl shoppin drivin u crazy, come post up. If u broke and you aint shoppin, but got $4.35, i take that and u can hang out too. Ok? U can't even get a shape up for $4, who are you kidding son? Buy a bao and call it.

If weed carrier jones doesn't come out with Affliction on, this could be the greatest concert of all time... I'm just sayin... Every goon in the tri-state is gonna be up in the joint actin a fool AND four loko's still legal this week so u know it's goin di-down. I hope those birds from the last killa show come through with dipset purses again BRRRRR

Keep the chickens cluckin
Keep the pigeons buggin
This on my wrist is nothin

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Xiao Ye Party on NBC

View more news videos at:

I didn't even see this video until now but they filmed the party undercover and interviewed drunk fools outside haha