Monday, November 22, 2010

Think I give a fuck about sparklers?

JUST BRING MY BAOS BITCH. Dipset reunion this friday.

This friday at Baohaus, you get a free Birdhaus Bao with purchase of any frush combo (straight or royal frush). If u REALLY don't want to get with the movement and want something besides a bird, we can do that, but u not like us. What up buzzin buzzin, bird flip a dozen dozen...

If u shoppin in the neighborhood, come thru! If ur girl shoppin drivin u crazy, come post up. If u broke and you aint shoppin, but got $4.35, i take that and u can hang out too. Ok? U can't even get a shape up for $4, who are you kidding son? Buy a bao and call it.

If weed carrier jones doesn't come out with Affliction on, this could be the greatest concert of all time... I'm just sayin... Every goon in the tri-state is gonna be up in the joint actin a fool AND four loko's still legal this week so u know it's goin di-down. I hope those birds from the last killa show come through with dipset purses again BRRRRR

Keep the chickens cluckin
Keep the pigeons buggin
This on my wrist is nothin

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