Saturday, January 2, 2010


We are still recovering from our New Years/Grand opening party, but we wanted to show you a few pics from the night! Thanks to all our friends and family that has supported us, without you we would not have gotten this year, or the restaurant, started off right!! It's safe to say that everyone that came left happy, full, and just a bit tipsy!!
Kicking the night off w/ a fob pose!

Getting the party started early!

Stepane and Steve goofing off in the back

April, Katie, and friends!

Sparkz, Ellie, and friends!

Doug and Jill from BOSTON came to party it up

Eddie's cuz Rebecca and friends came all the way from DC to support!!

Steve, Melissa, and Jerry gave us this sick LUCKY CAT for gluck!

Of course the Prince of Brooklyn (aka Raf) had to make an appearance!

Our friend Francesca showed up w/ matching outfits!!

Eddie cheffin' it up with Evan, Steve, and Stephane holding fort in the front

When the champagne came out, more got on the floor than in the cups!


Thursday, December 31, 2009


This is THE FOB. Its for people that join our mailing list and want to keep up with what's fresh off the boat. We'll be using the mailing list/newsletter in the coming weeks to let you know about specials such as our Chinese New Year Dinner, special deals, new menu items, good places for bootleg DVDs, etc.

Family Photos!

We decided to keep it homey and designed the interior with family photos printed on acrylic. Hope you like it! Starting from left, these are the photos going clockwise:

1) Me n Emery in a church reading x-men and punisher comics
2) Dad's family playing mah-jong
3) Dad, Cousin, and Parents on side of road in Taiwan
4) Me and Dad on the basketball court
5) Dad's family outside their house
6) Me, Emery, and Evan pimpin on bicycles in Ho-lando
7) Mom and Kwan Hwa A-Yi on a old Corolla
8) Me with my stunna shades on in magruder's
9) Grandpa walking mom up the steps for her wedding!
10) Me, Emery, Evan chillin in Emery's room eating cheese haha
11) Mom's Kindergarten in Taiwan

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Steve's Grandma came through with some good luck for the spot and red envelopes "hong bao". Thanks Grandma!