Thursday, December 31, 2009


This is THE FOB. Its for people that join our mailing list and want to keep up with what's fresh off the boat. We'll be using the mailing list/newsletter in the coming weeks to let you know about specials such as our Chinese New Year Dinner, special deals, new menu items, good places for bootleg DVDs, etc.

Family Photos!

We decided to keep it homey and designed the interior with family photos printed on acrylic. Hope you like it! Starting from left, these are the photos going clockwise:

1) Me n Emery in a church reading x-men and punisher comics
2) Dad's family playing mah-jong
3) Dad, Cousin, and Parents on side of road in Taiwan
4) Me and Dad on the basketball court
5) Dad's family outside their house
6) Me, Emery, and Evan pimpin on bicycles in Ho-lando
7) Mom and Kwan Hwa A-Yi on a old Corolla
8) Me with my stunna shades on in magruder's
9) Grandpa walking mom up the steps for her wedding!
10) Me, Emery, Evan chillin in Emery's room eating cheese haha
11) Mom's Kindergarten in Taiwan

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Steve's Grandma came through with some good luck for the spot and red envelopes "hong bao". Thanks Grandma!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Yesterday was the Baohaus photoshoot! JLew, our awsome photographer friend set it up for us!! Can't wait to see the final pics after JLew gets through with them, but in the meantime, check out the candids we took throughout the shoot!

Eddie has Bao vision!

Courtney "making love" to the bao LOL

JLew giving direction

Savoring every bite!

Bao product shots!

JLew and Julie talk it out

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And... We're OPEN!

Did a soft opening for our friends last night and it went perfect! All our homies came through to support and had a dope time.

We didn't do the whole menu, just poulet rouge egg drop soup, haus bao and sichuan bao. Every one except the Baers had been to our "BK Test Kitchen" before so we just did a few.

Here's a photo of me trimming some flat iron. DeBragga sent it as a holiday gift but I really prefer using skirt, hanger, or flap for my recipe. The flavor was great, but for my recipe I prefer butcher cuts. People loved it though.

These are the induction burners I use on top of the low boy.

Here are the bao fries! I love these. My favorite doobie snacks right now.

Our first customer! He's ugly, but he'll have to do. LOL. Everybody loves Steve!

There was also a flip cup tournament.

There was also some controversy so Evan had to go under the hood for instant replay.

In the end, we had a Huangs v. Baers showdown....We did the raping! lol

Then it got REAL ugly... due to moutai complications, i went petey pablo on these fools.... not pretty.

They tried to stop the rain, but they could not. LOL.

Come see us soon!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


There it is.... Come and git it!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Delivery Dudes Needed

If you know anyone looking for a job as a delivery person, let me know! Auto, bike, or skateboard are all fine. Thanks!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Biz Cards

Getting around to all the print collateral now. Since I have a little time today, I'm going to do a post later about the process, but this is our mock for a business card. Talking to some printers later on and will get it printing later this week hopefully. Lemme know what you think. Its a skinny card with heavy card stock.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Photo By Sparkz

My boy Sparkz has a knack for photos. Somehow, he is always around with shitty old cameras and he takes dope photos. So does his boy, Max. This was the first day we finished renovation (Dec 12, 2009) with a sign Pavel made us for good luck.


We need some models. We got too many MSG Eaters aka Asian Peoples. Where my shawties at?

F.O.B. Discrimination!!!

An FYI for you entrepoorneurs. If you came to America on a dragon boat, some banana boat equivalent, or your last name just gives it away AND you happen to open your own business, be ready for some hilarious comments. Today, we were working with packaging vendor for short term packaging solutions and the homie said to Ning with a Texas Twang, "Byyyy the way, you're English is REALLL articulate. You speak some good English."

I Ruv It.

Strictly for My Carnivores

I was in a meat locker all day today! BURR, BURR, BURR. What could be better than chillin in a meat locker listenin to Gucci Mane all day? Maybe being in a sour diesel smoke chamber all day listenin to Gucci? Either way, it was the shiiiiit. After months of testing, I decided to do two different Beef Baos aka The Haus Bao. Originally, the recipe I did for t.v. was a skirt steak/hanger steak bao. I like both cuts. The hanger is more toothsome aka "brolic" and the skirt is smoother/silkier but the flavor is similar since they come from the same area. They have a slight offal taste, which I like.

I also want to use independent farms, sustainable, etc, which we're going to do. Everything on the menu is from independent farms, but after several tastings, people kept bringing up the economy. They wanted a cheaper Haus Bao option cause people loved the hanger/skirt steak but at 2 for $12 thought it was a little pricey for erryday grub. The solution is that we're going to do a 100% USDA Hanger/Skirt Steak at $8.88 and then a higher-end Wagyu (Kobe) option that's M/P.

AHHHHHH, above is a giant melt in your mizzouth (pause) Wagyu Ribeye. I'm really happy with our "tiered" solution because one will be the Haus Bao and the other will be the Wagyu Bao that's a rotating Chef Selection. I will be doing different preparations, sauces, etc with the Wagyu Bao. The only constant will be the use of 100% Wagyu graded 8 or higher and of course, the Bao! This way I won't get bored cookin' up erryday and yall can "tour the cow". Yessa, yessa, ain't no tour like a Chinese tour cause a Chinese tour don't stop!!!! You know its true. The Fung Wah never takes pit stops, ride or die err... ride or pee your pantalones.

I'll be posting our menu tomorrow, but I'm still deciding betwee Poulet Rouge or Amish Chicken for one of our items..... Poulet Rouge mmmmmm

Dry Aged Steaks tagged for Craft Steakhouse

Poor lamb.... ami two fwo

You already know.....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Renovation finished!

Its finally done! That's a photo of me with the illest contractor this side of the Mississippi, Pavel Polanco of Beni Construction. He still has a few minor things to do on the punchcard we're going over in the photo, but he did a dope job. If you need any contracting work, definitely holla at him.

I did not intentionally wear a jacket to match the damn counter, but as it is with a lot of things, if you like a color, you probably have a lot of it lol. AND, if you didn't notice, yes, da homie went with the Orlando Magic color scheme for the whole restaurant LOL. Again, this was not intentional, some shit just happen some time. You can take Magic Dong Huang out of Ho-lando, but you can't take the Magic out his Dong... WORD. Shouts to every one holdin' it down smokin Ls and drinkin slurpees at gas stations. I know the Texa-ho doesn't have wi-fi but its comin, hang tight yall LOL.

JLew, Ning, and Julie were all in da house checkin out the counter. The image above is the entrance to the spot with stairs going underground, cashier counter, and bar counter where we'll have stools.

Phil was chillin in the back by the sandwich counter making sure we had enough space for the equipment coming in next week. The box in the sandwich counter is a display box, it lights up and we are putting some ill shit in there... will blog when its done.

Ning decided to test out the counter with some FOB fingers. This is the cashier counter where the lighted box has a bao in it.

JLew doin the "solid" from undercover brother. For those in NY or that will be in NY for the holidays, we are doing a private party for NYE, if you're interested, leave a comment and we'll add you to the evite. Guest list limited so let me know ASAP if you'd like to come. Hopefully we can accommodate every one.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Roast Beef Sandwich w/ Tomato Gravy

Finally got some time to cook something new today. Did a roast beef sandwich with tomato gravy on a brioche bun. Pretty dope. I sauteed garlic, onions and a little ground beef then stewed it with tomato sauce to make gravy. Strained the ground beef out and then put my roast beef in the gravy for a sec. I put some havarti cheese on the bottom of the bun, stacked hot beef on top, and then poured tomato gravy over it.

I did two versions, one with gravy in the sandwich and another with gravy poured all over it. I definitely liked it drenched.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Renovation Almost Done!


So, I've been at the job site every day and things have gone well. We re-did the floors, painted the walls and right now we're building the stations. Above is the counter top with blue laminate. Pretty cool stuff. We did a curved table just to get a little more surface area and in case we run out of room in the back for drinks, etc. we can use it as a pseudo-bar so its kind of a flex counter.


My camera was acting up cause of all the dust in the space, but the floors came out nice. We just stained them black and refinished. Still building a cashier/hostess counter, sandwich table, and some shelves. Sign should be up next week so things are moving fast.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baohaus Stickers

These are the print proofs we got back from our printer. Figured it'd be cool for you guys to see. So, it took us a while, but we finally committed to colors, a logo, and a slogan. We wanted to use jade as our accent color, but looking at green, sketching out the space, green is just a little too shocking to the eye with white walls and a black floor like we have. We could have went dark green, but I wanted a lighter feel. It was a tough choice but we settled on a hawaiian blue type color. I think its easier to look at bright blue over and over every day as opposed to green.

Went with the slogan "Fresh Off the Boat". Its authentic Taiwanese food, but every Asian restaurant says "authentic" and its bullshit. I figured I'd start a new category FOB restaurants lol. Obviously, our dishes have new twists and innovations, but the flavors are authentic and true to the FOB palette. Below are the other stickers. I should have em in a week or so. Also, we are doing a friends and family private preview, if you're interested, email me.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Five Spice Country Caviar

Bong Bong, you read it correct. We will have Country Caviar aka Boogers aka Red Neck Edamame aka Poppers aka Baldies. The only food with more nicknames than Ghostdini. Shouts to the homie Tyler for bringing em back. I had em at his crib this weekend and went bonkers.

I haven't had a good boiled peanut in at least 5 years. Since I went to beijing, I always went for the vinegar peanuts, but I had some of these watchin football Saturday and I'm fiendin!!! No lie, I woke up with the chills runnin to the fridge for boiled peanuts like a chino lookin for his black tar.

Boiled peanuts are in my blood. My grandpa used to make em and sell em back in the day so this one's for you big homie! When I get home, I'll put some out for you. I know you bored of all those oranges mom be puttin out!