Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baohaus Stickers

These are the print proofs we got back from our printer. Figured it'd be cool for you guys to see. So, it took us a while, but we finally committed to colors, a logo, and a slogan. We wanted to use jade as our accent color, but looking at green, sketching out the space, green is just a little too shocking to the eye with white walls and a black floor like we have. We could have went dark green, but I wanted a lighter feel. It was a tough choice but we settled on a hawaiian blue type color. I think its easier to look at bright blue over and over every day as opposed to green.

Went with the slogan "Fresh Off the Boat". Its authentic Taiwanese food, but every Asian restaurant says "authentic" and its bullshit. I figured I'd start a new category FOB restaurants lol. Obviously, our dishes have new twists and innovations, but the flavors are authentic and true to the FOB palette. Below are the other stickers. I should have em in a week or so. Also, we are doing a friends and family private preview, if you're interested, email me.