Friday, April 23, 2010


NOBODY BEATS THE BIZ!!!! For real though yall, pay attention to the clean energy fight, the internet freedom debates, and slow food! BOOM. I dont have enough brain cells to read anymore, but if biz wants to break it down for me over old beats, I'm down.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Emery @ NYU Panel!

NYU Food Panel from Hoodman Clothing on Vimeo.

Emery held it di-down! Peep the homie from mantao sandwiches, he looks like the Chinese version of "Doug". His arms are too short to box with God. Dont fuck with the champ!!! At least after mantao goes down, he can take his likeness and sell branded trapper keepers to kumon math students.

Taiwan's Big Boy

This dude is hilarious. I was watching him on Taiwan TV and he said he wants to come to America literally to "double fist hamburgers in one hand and haagen daas in the other." G-shit

On TVBS Taiwan!

I can't embedd the video, if someone has the code lemme know! but here is a link to our latest segment on the News in Taiwan.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RIP Guru

Guru was way too young... As a fellow NY transplant, I definitely loved the intros and interludes on albums when Guru was talkin' about bein a "Boston Nigga" and how he came to NY with a crate and built a base. A lot of cats contributed to the Golden Era sound but Gangstarr was the foundation as people like to say. Guru did his thing on the solo projects too.

I don't know what to think about his letter talkin bout Solar and Premiere. Solar seem like some Rasputin type dude. I hope it isn't as bad as Rakim and Eric B. and that in the end, Guru wasn't thinking about beefing with Premiere calling him a "DJ". Too much that he can be proud of in life, I hope he rests in peace... You will be missed.

Feng Chia

This is the mecca of Taiwan street food in my opinion..... Its only my second time in Taichung, but for real: Taipei keep on makin' it, Taichung keep on takin' it. I feel like Taichung is the Brooklyn of Taiwan. A lil more creativity, less hustle and bustle, more stuff for locals. Taipei has its on creative stuff going on, but for night markets, I like Feng Chia.

Above is a photo of smoked buns filled with pork. They are like sin jian bao, but smoked. Its one of the dopest things I've ever eaten. I definitely kinda lost my shit and had a mini-o-face moment.

I'm in love.

This is Sa Gwa Mien, literal translation retard noodles. Don't ask me why, don't report me to the Politically correct police, but it is what it is. Noodles tossed in oil with a fish ball and scallions really good.

The third best thing I've eaten in Taiwan so far behind the Mooncake at 9 Suns and a fruit that I will post later is..... Lil Sausage in Big Sausage. Yes, it sounds like a porno, but pause, its dope. You cut the big sausage and stuff it with the lil guy and top it with cucumbers, peanut powder, and all kinds of good stuff.

These are the classics. Stuff we'll definitely have at the new spot. Lu Wei - its just various items boiled in a gao tang (master stock). This is the taste of Taiwan, every night market has it, but every vendor has a twist.

Snow Ice!

I know our biggest snow ice fan (cherry wang) is going to like this post and hate it at the same time... The ice was AWESOME, but mangos are out of season DOH!

I got red bean and peanut snow ice. Snow ice is different than regular bao bing. I can't say I like one better than the other, they're different. Snow ice is better with just mango and condensed milk. It has a thicker, snowier, consistency and its creamier (pause). Bao bing is more ice chips, but when you have ai yu (herbal jelly), boba, taro, green bean, etc. I like bao bing because it becomes slushy like and everything melds together. Snow ice is more the taiwanese answer to "ice cream".

My friend got chocolate and banana. I know it sounds bad, but it actually was pretty good. Hopefully I can get some mango snow ice before I leave....... COME ON MANGO SEASON!!!

andddd we're back

My mac broke in Taiwan! WTF! I should have bought Acer! Its stupid Drake's fault. I was uploading photos while watching drake's shitty ass new youtube video and the computer called 'nuff. My mac wants nothing to do with drake and his nasaly-emo-thug hooks.

ANyway, above is a photo from a Cantonese restaurant we went to in Taichung. Its chicken feet! So much better than any dim sum in NY, spicy, sweet, and savory chicken feet. For those that aren't already on that chicken feet tip, its the shiznit. I like taking extra chicken feet to go, letting them sit in the fridge, and eat them late night when i have the munchies. better than cheetos

More munchies on steroids. Every one puts peanut butter on celery when they're desperate but who puts caviar and fish roe! Answer: Taiwanese people cooking Cantonese food.

Casserole with mountain yam, crab, scallop, and other goodies!