Tuesday, April 20, 2010

andddd we're back

My mac broke in Taiwan! WTF! I should have bought Acer! Its stupid Drake's fault. I was uploading photos while watching drake's shitty ass new youtube video and the computer called 'nuff. My mac wants nothing to do with drake and his nasaly-emo-thug hooks.

ANyway, above is a photo from a Cantonese restaurant we went to in Taichung. Its chicken feet! So much better than any dim sum in NY, spicy, sweet, and savory chicken feet. For those that aren't already on that chicken feet tip, its the shiznit. I like taking extra chicken feet to go, letting them sit in the fridge, and eat them late night when i have the munchies. better than cheetos

More munchies on steroids. Every one puts peanut butter on celery when they're desperate but who puts caviar and fish roe! Answer: Taiwanese people cooking Cantonese food.

Casserole with mountain yam, crab, scallop, and other goodies!