Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feng Chia

This is the mecca of Taiwan street food in my opinion..... Its only my second time in Taichung, but for real: Taipei keep on makin' it, Taichung keep on takin' it. I feel like Taichung is the Brooklyn of Taiwan. A lil more creativity, less hustle and bustle, more stuff for locals. Taipei has its on creative stuff going on, but for night markets, I like Feng Chia.

Above is a photo of smoked buns filled with pork. They are like sin jian bao, but smoked. Its one of the dopest things I've ever eaten. I definitely kinda lost my shit and had a mini-o-face moment.

I'm in love.

This is Sa Gwa Mien, literal translation retard noodles. Don't ask me why, don't report me to the Politically correct police, but it is what it is. Noodles tossed in oil with a fish ball and scallions really good.

The third best thing I've eaten in Taiwan so far behind the Mooncake at 9 Suns and a fruit that I will post later is..... Lil Sausage in Big Sausage. Yes, it sounds like a porno, but pause, its dope. You cut the big sausage and stuff it with the lil guy and top it with cucumbers, peanut powder, and all kinds of good stuff.

These are the classics. Stuff we'll definitely have at the new spot. Lu Wei - its just various items boiled in a gao tang (master stock). This is the taste of Taiwan, every night market has it, but every vendor has a twist.


  1. that lil' sausage in big sausage deal looks like the Taiwanese version of the KFC Double Down, except freakin' amazing. Want. What's in each of the sausages?

  2. WOW so jealous! totally agree with you about taichung being similar to BK. eat up for the rest of us!

  3. Fuckall! Where can I get a Taiwanese Double Stuffed? Is the outer sausage stuffed with nuo mi, sticky rice? Kinda looks like it.

  4. One day food pics will be totally edible and the volume will control the aromas. Lookin fowad to going to bh next week.

  5. It would be super awesome if you brought 飯糰 back to the restaurant in nyc!!! Have a wonderful food trip in Taiwan!