Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Snow Ice!

I know our biggest snow ice fan (cherry wang) is going to like this post and hate it at the same time... The ice was AWESOME, but mangos are out of season DOH!

I got red bean and peanut snow ice. Snow ice is different than regular bao bing. I can't say I like one better than the other, they're different. Snow ice is better with just mango and condensed milk. It has a thicker, snowier, consistency and its creamier (pause). Bao bing is more ice chips, but when you have ai yu (herbal jelly), boba, taro, green bean, etc. I like bao bing because it becomes slushy like and everything melds together. Snow ice is more the taiwanese answer to "ice cream".

My friend got chocolate and banana. I know it sounds bad, but it actually was pretty good. Hopefully I can get some mango snow ice before I leave....... COME ON MANGO SEASON!!!

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