Wednesday, October 20, 2010

St. Maarten Flix

Dipset is a movement... even in St. Maarten

This how they read the Times in St. Maarten

Food truck by the beach

David's Hole... bai rouge (my favorite beach there)


Whatchu want? Whatchu need? Didnt even need the ratchet, no hipsters in sight...

Ugggghhhh... beef patty in coco bread... st. maarten got nothin on BK... no lie

Auntie whipped up a guinness, oj, and condensed milk smoothie... only a west indian leprechaun could love it


jersey trash behind me... watch out now

Just watchin planes fly over on a boat... aint no thang

people, get out my frame!!!

Award Tour

In ho-lando a guide to central florida read like: "teletubbies for $20 and space odyssey 2000 is better than mons venus." I pretty much ignored lists, even after coming to NY. Then, one night I was on a mission to find a good beef noodle soup and came across the best of village voice that lead me to super taste noodles. A few years later... I live 2 minutes from the shop. I been a fan of the voice for a minute so def is dope to be in their guide this year. They hit the streets, they find out what's really what's good, and there's no pretension. It's an honor, thanks.


Other Thangs: XY got Raunchiest Menu in AM NY and Bao Fries got love from The Mag for Murray Hill Tourists

What makes it even better? All the homies got in on it too. Boomtown, No. 7 Sub, and Cheeky Sandwiches... We on award tour

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look what u made me do...

Uggghhh. Mad people on my cot damn case lately, well, I'm back in the lab. We're closed Mondays so I'll be in there fuckin around the next couple weeks. If you see the gate up and ur not a bag of dicks, come say wassup. Decided to test the whole brunch menu Monday. Some dishes we forgot to take photos... the more shit change, the more shit stay the same naw mean? haha

Above is LOCO MOCO.

I always told people if I had the cream, I'd bounce to Hawaii. Mainly cause I love Loco Moco. Above is my version. I made a pork bone stock base for the sweet chili gravy I put on top of the burger, fried egg and rice.

Dericious Grand Slam - I brined a chicken leg in a mixture of sichuanese/hunan spices, battered it like my boy popeye, and dropped it in the deep fryer on 350. Served with Sichuan Potato Hash, red sausage gravy and a Soy Sauce Egg which my Aunt Beth intro'd me to. (this photo didn't have gravy, below does) Shoutout to her son/my cuz, Allen, congrats on the baby homie, ur soldiers stay marchin. no homillz.

Yall like breast or leg/thigh jumpoff? Let me know!

Fried Pork Chop Noodle Soup! Made this one with a pork neck (i like it better) I fried, but people will complain its hard to gnaw on so we'll serve with pork chop. I use a lil curry powder and pepper in my pork chop instead of five spice like most places do. Lil somethin different...

The Taiwanese answer to Matzoh Ball Soup aka Jewish Penicillin. Fish Paste and Pork Dumpling in pork bone soup with nappa, carrots, and other good shit.

Rice Porridge - most people that have congee at Cantonese joints, the flavors/ingredients are cooked into the congee. Mine, I make a clean rice porridge and put toppings on top like a fish cake, pickles, pickled radish, pork sung, silken tofu and scallions. Will also get a sunny side up egg.

Brunch starts next weekend 11:30 to 4pm Saturday and Sunday

Monday, October 18, 2010

Baohaus Hiring

We are hiring asap. All positions. Direct Message me on twitter @eddiehuang or drop by the shop with resume. Thanks.