Monday, November 30, 2009

Five Spice Country Caviar

Bong Bong, you read it correct. We will have Country Caviar aka Boogers aka Red Neck Edamame aka Poppers aka Baldies. The only food with more nicknames than Ghostdini. Shouts to the homie Tyler for bringing em back. I had em at his crib this weekend and went bonkers.

I haven't had a good boiled peanut in at least 5 years. Since I went to beijing, I always went for the vinegar peanuts, but I had some of these watchin football Saturday and I'm fiendin!!! No lie, I woke up with the chills runnin to the fridge for boiled peanuts like a chino lookin for his black tar.

Boiled peanuts are in my blood. My grandpa used to make em and sell em back in the day so this one's for you big homie! When I get home, I'll put some out for you. I know you bored of all those oranges mom be puttin out!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Old Beijing Vinegar Peanuts

When I was in Bejing 3 years ago, I ate these every single meal. No lie, no exaggeration, they're that good. We're not doing french fries or anything like that at the new restaurant because we're gonna do different types of homemade peanut dishes as sides. This is one version. Vinegar, cilantro, fried peanuts. Can't beat it!