Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chinese New Year @ No. 7

I told yall we were gonna set 2011 on fire. Blap, blap, blap- Clipse Chinese New Year. My favorite Round Eye: Tyler Kord and his peoples at No. 7 are hosting me for CNY! If you didn't see what happened last time Tyler and I got together, peep game.

Yea, if that's not what you came for, and you really just hate the "experience and the theatre of it" *cough* Mimi Sheraton... peep the food... But, since you couldn't possibly enjoy both at the same time, the singing portion of the evening is what you're paying for. That and seeing Tyler in his Blue Jays t-shirt that hasn't been washed since 1999.

Shanghai Duck Stuffed with 8 treasure glutinous rice

That duck then fried

Then braised and sauced tableside cause that's how ma dukes likes it.

Butter Greens

And in matters of pork, you know nobody does it better...  Tyler is DJ'ing so if you hear Billy Joel or the song from Bulworth, Eddie's got nothin' to do with it. I told him to play that dipset. But if you haven't been to No. 7 here are the cliff's notes:

1) Your girl will love it there and they have lots of Tito's Vodka.
2) The staff is friendly like those people on Cheers, but the mailman doesn't come in during service every day cause really, what mailman is making rounds at 7pm?
3) Tyler cook fantastic things besides burgers, fried chicken, and wait... what else do we eat in NY now? Oh yea, burgers. But, I'm sure he could make one if he had to.

I mean, Mimi would hate it because it's in BK and she would probably turn to dust by the time she got off the g-train but for people who weren't around when the Algonquins still owned New York, I think No.7 is perfectly fine.

Me and Tyler are like the Green Hornet and Kato. I kick a lot of ass, but he has a gun and speaks a lot of English. Totally underrated skill these days, especially on this blog.

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