Thursday, November 8, 2012


Over the years, as I became more familiar with the life, during the TED Fellow application process, I learned a little bit about the unwritten rules of the Game. So I dropped a few knowledge darts to infiltrate the lifestyle of this secret society... CALL ME MR. TED FOLKS >>> 2013 TED FELLOWS HERE

On our journey we discover a world hidden by night. The world of the Fellow, the player, or mack as these ladies and gentlemen of leisure are commonly referred to in the game. It's a world where the names change, but the game remains the same. As these fellows hit the streets... It's always FELLOWS UP, HO'S DOWN!"

"I wanted to be down since the age of 14, I remember when I first told my Momma, I said, 'Momma, you know exactly what I wanna be when I grew up.' She said, 'You wanna be a TED Fellow!'." - Mr. White Folks

"I break it down like this. There's only one game and that's TED!" - Ice T

"Man there's a art to bein' a Fellow because if it was so easy man, every guy be doin it because every guy want the opportunity to control...The Fellow wants yo SOUL, he got to play you into a coma. He got to work you." - THE BISHOP DON MAGIC JUAN

"Call me MR. TED FOLKS" - The Chef formerly known as Eddie Huang aka The Human Panda aka General Loko aka SARS Blackmon