Friday, December 3, 2010

Rotten Bananas

If u dont know, now u know... we black and yellow... what up tower c?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Were U Not Entertained?

People are funny...

"So, EXACTLY what his mom warned him about came to pass, because the fucking douche couldn't keep his stupid mouth shut. Get a brain, morans!" - Seyo on eater

"So Eddie pulls a publicity stunt, which backfires. Then when it's getting all the wrong sort of attention, he blames the cops for showing up too often and catching his staff serving alcohol to minors?? Seriously? Gimmicks don't last in the city. Proven once again. I'm Taiwanese myself, and would love to see a successful Taiwanese restaurant." - some stinky tofu lover on eater

"He is an over-ambitious kid that though he could through caution to the wind and do whatever he wanted and thought it would be a hit. There is a lot more to this business than trying to be a celebrity, especially when you are not. I heard it was not that good anyway." - classic restaurant lover on eater

"Huang apparently decided to sell the restaurant before he got into deeper shizzy with the S-L-izzy, and he’ll now lay low at Baohaus... Either way, maybe next time Huang will think twice about including an “abrasive vibe” in his business model … (Probably not!)" - Daniel Maurer aka the Agent Nelson Van Alden of the food game

Angry commenters make no sense right about now. It's as if they're the ones that lost the restaurant. Did I smudge your pumas? Did I take a drop in your drop? I'm sorry. As a restaurant owner, I had 3 goals. Make money, feed people, and entertain them. If they left realizing that all Asians do not sit at home on Saturday Night playing counterstrike, that was icing on the cake. Maybe you like the music and hate the food; like the photos, food, but hate the busboy who wears headphones in the dining room; or perhaps you like the restaurant and hate me. Fair enough. I've felt this way at plenty of restaurants but the only one that pissed me off enough to say something was P.F. Chang's. Was Xiao Ye as bad as PF Chang's? I would bet my Yao Ming bobblehead doll that we weren't.

Reasonable minds can disagree at any restaurant whether the food is good... But at the end of the day... can anyone really, honestly, truly say they were not entertained? People like to ask WWJD. I ask myself, WWYTBGL: What Would You Tell Baby General Loko?

Daddy got twisted on the Food Network and almost pissed his pants on the show.

Daddy wanted to open a 2nd restaurant and make enough money to buy a 24k abacus on a esco chain.

Daddy called this place Crackhaus... but the City said stop playin...

Daddy made potstickers named after pootie tang and they were dericious.

Daddy made dope bean paste noodles and some white guy at timeout thought it was dan dan mien.

Daddy didn't want to cook sweat shop food while wearing a white v-neck, shorts, and bootleg gators like the guys in Frushing so ABC's got their panties in a bunch.

Daddy played the Dipset Anthem in the dining room and some people put they two arms up... Touchdown.

Daddy got the NYT to run a photo in the dining section with someone who looks like Daddy hitting a squirt bottle bong in the background.

Daddy doesn't have money for your education, but he did throw the sickest, often imitated, but never duplicated Four Loko party of all time.

All I'm saying is this... If you'd rather read about molecular gastronomy and $20 million dining rooms, go ahead. If you'd rather eat in frushing, take the 7. But if you weren't entertained, you must be the real life Dustin Hoffman from Rainman.

Every one asks what my mom thinks... I called her yesterday and there was loud noise in the back and I asked her what it was. She says, "Your dad is reading your blog again and laughing like crazy person. He keeps calling you Kim Jong Huang cause he thinks you're crazy." Thanks dad. Means a lot...

XY closing: your loss, not mine... I'm going back to baohaus and you can go back to your regularly scheduled programming with Gordon Ramsay and shitty hotel restaurants not named the Breslin. Enjoy that. There are plenty of great restaurants in the city, but there will never be anything quite like Dericious...

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P.S. I really did change after the Sifton review... I took it to heart and made some life changes. That was the best thing that happened to me from XY. Forced me to take a look at myself and take responsibility. People who ate at XY the last month know it was on point. The whole kitchen changed, had a new focus, and we kicked ass. That's what I'll take with me.

Monday, November 29, 2010


I don't fux wit christmas trees, but I am all about Santana Claus