Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ma Dukes Responds to Sifton Review

even better than mine, this is mom uncut and FOBiricious

Hi Eddie,
So what do you think about this review. I feel it is a review of your life. It sounds so familiar to The Food Net Work competition Judge's comments. I guess you never registered all the opinions from those professionals who have seen so many people working toward their success. There is a reason why the other guy won. Good taste, hardworking attitudes, great values. In our life, there is a lot of honesty does exist. The vast majority of public will give us a score that we deserve. You have so many different fabulous talents, but to focus, and to perfect it is very crucial. No matter what career you explore, there always going to deal with: discipline, honest hard work, social skills, leadership ON TOP OF YOUR PERSONAL TALENTS.

Your talents will not shine or truly succeed until you have satisfied the basics that other competitors have already.

You have always tried to be different or funny for the sake of funny, to cover up your anger and discomforts about how we Asian are being perceived. It is not necessary to do that, your true talents will lead you above it all. You must know what you really are, and able to do well. Restaurant business is a very very tedious business, and requires on going detailed watching. Is this whole package of restaurant business really what you can do, and enjoy doing? I do not see much difference in the stress levels compare to other choice of career, but much less money rewards. Trust me, you much keep your bar license active just in case you need it. You do not even understand your own strength or the whole scope of this business, and you are not even willing to listen. YOU MUST GET BURNT BEFORE YOU WILL HEAR YOUR MOM. Please calm down, analyze yourself, and be honest. You have a lot of potential, but you must make good choice and stick to it with the best choice. With all the staff, and your korean friend, no one was able to point out or warn you the mistakes, or problems you have???????????????????
ME: LOL, I love that mom's solution is to keep my bar license active (law) HAHA. so asian. and the best is when she calls hyun "korean friend" hahahaha DEAD. fyi, staff & hyun, she loves u guys... she is being sarcastic saying she's sure every one warned me but i was too burnt to listen...

U know I Got Cha Opin

No stars for XY, but I'm giving us 4-stars for comedy. Now showing at the NYT, a photo of a restaurant with unnamed man taking bong rip from squirt bottle, mom dukes in a lumberjack, and the homie Doug picking up a titty with a pair of tongs. Dope. Tried to avoid blogging today but here we are... snorkeling is gonna have to wait an hour.

Initially, I thought it was strange that Sifton was reviewing us as opposed to $25 and under. We're a canteen, but nonetheless, I was excited. Considering mia donna got no love and she could only make meatballs, i feel kinda blue balled with the goose egg since he used words like: "top drawer", "excellent", "perfect bean paste sauce", "outstanding", and "new paradigm", which I don't understand, but says is positive.

That said... who wants a star if you didn't earn it? I loved this review. Not just cause I like how Sifton gets the narrative at restaurants and that he didn't bash the vibe/culture. As said, that's what I was more interested in. I've been making Taiwanese food all my life. It's not that hard for me. Doesn't hurt that he big-ups Baohaus by saying "crush comers from all directions in matters of flavor and value". What hasn't happened in NY is a restaurant that is culturally committed to the youth and diverse.  I accomplished that. I got four loko, jill's boobs, popular demand, johnnie walker bubble tea, cheeto fried chicken, and my moms shouted out in the Times. When was the last time you saw the review photo and it was all people of color? Not bad for a Taiwanese kid living on orchard and canal...

But, I'm going to change my attitude. I didn't know people expected more of me. I never thought I'd even be up for review with the NYT. I came out of nowhere, I'm twisted 5 days out of the week, and we had a lot of problems with opening. No excuses. It's on and poppin when I get back. Its empty to talk about the changes i'll make at XY on the blog... Just come in. You all know how good baohaus is after I parked my fat ass there for 6 months. Watch what happens at XY...

It's never questioned in the article if I can cook or throw an ill party, the question is my willingness to stop fuckin with birds on the text... It's dope he linked "popular demand" in his diner's journal lead-up. Cam is a comedian first and a rapper second who doesn't even try. I've always been an underachiever. My room at home had posters of AI, Tupac, Killa Cam, Rasheed Wallace, Charles Barkley, Bo Jackson, Christian Okoye, and Lavar Arrington all over it. I always liked the story of dudes with talent who didn't give a fuck and never got the championship they should have. In 7th grade, I got identified for Duke TIP, but after getting there got suspended for getting everyone in my hall slizzered on lean and then mooning people. me and my homies missed the first 20 days of senior year in high school for dressing up like the dudes from Point Break and throwing stink bombs on every one. I got laid off from a top-75 firm and started pitchin' before opening baohaus. You're not talking about a culinary school dude, a chef, a restauranteur, or a guy that even reads the times for news. I hit the roor and watch the daily show. I've been around and done a lot so this doesn't faze me. But am I going to change this time? Yes. I can't just wing it anymore. People are paying good money for this. It's not a game... This is as apologetic as I'll ever get, but I'm sorry. Man gotta admit his mistakes.

The funny thing is that Eater picked up on this when I was making these changes 2 weeks ago. I stopped doing the financials and managerial work for baohaus/xiao ye and got back in the kitchen. Food has been sick the last few weeks. Sifton gave me a good kick in the ass and I appreciate it. AI always needed Thompson. "Practice...? We talkin bout practice?".. Damn... I'm goin back to the mother fuckin beach.

Black Moon - I Got Cha Opin
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Now we goin back to who got da props (baohaus)
when i blew up the spot
last year on the box
to come back with another fat single (xy)
not too underground to make you stop when you mingle
but bust it
pay attention to the third verse and i'll take you to another level first

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