Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ma Dukes Responds to Sifton Review

even better than mine, this is mom uncut and FOBiricious

Hi Eddie,
So what do you think about this review. I feel it is a review of your life. It sounds so familiar to The Food Net Work competition Judge's comments. I guess you never registered all the opinions from those professionals who have seen so many people working toward their success. There is a reason why the other guy won. Good taste, hardworking attitudes, great values. In our life, there is a lot of honesty does exist. The vast majority of public will give us a score that we deserve. You have so many different fabulous talents, but to focus, and to perfect it is very crucial. No matter what career you explore, there always going to deal with: discipline, honest hard work, social skills, leadership ON TOP OF YOUR PERSONAL TALENTS.

Your talents will not shine or truly succeed until you have satisfied the basics that other competitors have already.

You have always tried to be different or funny for the sake of funny, to cover up your anger and discomforts about how we Asian are being perceived. It is not necessary to do that, your true talents will lead you above it all. You must know what you really are, and able to do well. Restaurant business is a very very tedious business, and requires on going detailed watching. Is this whole package of restaurant business really what you can do, and enjoy doing? I do not see much difference in the stress levels compare to other choice of career, but much less money rewards. Trust me, you much keep your bar license active just in case you need it. You do not even understand your own strength or the whole scope of this business, and you are not even willing to listen. YOU MUST GET BURNT BEFORE YOU WILL HEAR YOUR MOM. Please calm down, analyze yourself, and be honest. You have a lot of potential, but you must make good choice and stick to it with the best choice. With all the staff, and your korean friend, no one was able to point out or warn you the mistakes, or problems you have???????????????????
ME: LOL, I love that mom's solution is to keep my bar license active (law) HAHA. so asian. and the best is when she calls hyun "korean friend" hahahaha DEAD. fyi, staff & hyun, she loves u guys... she is being sarcastic saying she's sure every one warned me but i was too burnt to listen...


  1. Hahaha this should be on

    I read the Sifton review avidly, and agreed with most of his thoughts (I was in XY a couple of weekends ago but staff said you weren't around). Nonetheless, I think you can celebrate because this is a LANDMARK REVIEW for Chinese/Taiwanese food! Nobody's has done/is doing what you're trying to do, and he said as much - keep poking at it.

  2. sons hate to admit it, but mom is always right. just let things happen instead of forcing it. if there's one piece of advice i can offer, remember, one thing you can't cheat is the love in your food. the true gourmands see right through it. at the end of the day, going against the grain and coming up with punny menu items is not the focus, good food is. people know when you skimp. although we never really hung out, i just wanted to reinforce what your mom said. she spoke my mind. i see this as a maturation process for you. good luck, E.

  3. Chinese Mothers always say they want 2 things "my children to be happy" and "my children to be able to not worry about money" - Sometimes they go hand in hand - but usually only when you work your ass off. Your food is delicious, your passion seems boundless. All chinese children know - their parents are almost always right - even if it's just the attitude, and not to down to the exact path or letter.

    I wish you all the best - and be proud of what you do.

  4. Man, you mom ain't no FOB. She writes complete sentences with proper punctuation and grammar. If XY closes before I make it to NYC, I'm gonna be pissed; I don't know one happy lawyer.

    - Yours (who also got an earful from mi madre this morning).

  5. Hey Eddie,

    Lol at the comment above - this is Teresa, founder of I very serendipitously a) caught your NYT review this morning, b) saw Disgrasian link to your mom's letter, and c) just moved to New York.

    I've been meaning to come by and try Xiaoye for awhile and am further inspired to after your mom's scathing comments. Hope I'll catch you when you're at the restaurant. I'm at teresawu at gmail dot com if you want to get in touch. :)


  6. Dude, your mom's letter was hilarious. As a Taiwanese-American, I could see through to her desire to rip your ass to shreds, using other people's comments as a cover.

    And of course she wants you to be a lawyer, but fuck that, lawyering isn't gonna get you in the NYT!

    Your restaurant will be the first place I visit in NYC.

  7. Yay for APA attorneys setting that aside to pursue their passions in the arts.

    Yay for fobiricious Moms who say it because they love you more than anybody else.

  8. Hi Eddie, I'm a food tour guide for Taiwanese/Chinese food. I posted the Sifton review on my blog, and protocolsnow let me know about your mom's reply. It's awesome. Any publicity is good publicity. Fix what YOU think needs fixin' (if anything), and keep up the good work. Can't wait to try out the food next time I'm in NY.

  9. Eddie,

    I haven't been to your new restaurant yet, but am a big fan of Baohaus.

    I'm really impressed by your surprisingly mature response to the Sifton review, and am rooting for you.

    All the best!

  10. I can't wait to try your food too. I may have to hug you too after your mom's email. I bet she needs a hug too since she is so afraid for you. I hope that your happy patrons take the sting out of harsh critics & your risk-intolerant mom.

    Knock 'em Dead!

  11. I just respect the honesty here. A lot of chefs or food business owners deserve that kind of shake up, and are far too arrogant to handle it. You think Danny Meyer could handle that level of criticism? Some of it is invited by putting so much personality into what you do, so just roll with it, and put a lot of heart into what you do without sacrificing good business or good food.

    Speaking of good business. Don't neglect Baohaus. You have a good formula, but it's starting to get a San Loco vibe circa 1995, with the workers seeming perpetually stoned/confused. If it gets any weirder in that shop, I'd think twice about stopping in for a late night snack.

  12. In his book "Turning Tables" - Steven Shaw said something about how easy it is for a Critic to write a negative review and how sad it is that so much weight is carried on those reviews considering the amount of effort and creativity goes to actually putting that food on a plate. I applaud you for taking a negative review in such stride particularly when it seems that you are doing something quite special.

    I'm a 3rd generation Italian-American and I've grown up with food as my culture. As an adult I still make many of those dishes I grew up with that are not traditional Italian dishes, but rather modified versions that like you describe your food, I serve at home. I've always fantasized about doing the same thing that you're doing with your restaurant, but have never had the guts to try.

    I definitely wish you the best, it looks like you have a great head on your shoulders and a great attitude about things.

    I don't live in NYC anymore but next time I'm back I'm going to need to stop bye.

  13. If you want to try a really "fun" combination, get even more ethnic and start cooking with saturated fats like lard and mix in some paleo influences with more veggies and meats and less soy and carbs.

    I realized recently that stinky tofu may actually be a really healthy treat: fermented tofu fried up in lard.

    I'm sending my cousin over there. I'll have to stop by next time I'm in NYC. Good luck.

  14. Your mom is simply being a tiger mom. Your lack of discipline prevents you from fully taking advantage of your talents. Restaurant is a competitive arena where top 5% winners take it all (the profits of the industry). You just don't have the discipline to a winner in anything.

    That's why you have to a lawyer. An average lawyer can make a comfortable living and provide for his family. An average restaurant owner, along with 75% of all restaurants, closes doors in 5 years and loses everything.

    You mom is right. You must keep you bar active. You will absolutely need it. In 5 years, your silly comments will get old, you fat face on food network will be forgotten and you will make your living the old fashioned way -- an honest job.

    1. yeah, operating a small businees isn't an honest job. fuck you.

    2. Please kill yourself

    3. That's his mother, dumbass. Compare the writing styles.

  15. hahaha, and your thoughts now? 5 years later, who's going strong? oh man.

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