Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We Got Dat Work

Flo Fab says we open, so we open. I like this Flofab chick. I'll holla at you next time I go to Wo Hop wit ur boy Sam. The entire menu available starting tomorrow at Xiao Ye aka Dericious (for those that speak Chingrish). Peep what people have been sayin!

"Everybody loves Xiao Ye: babies, dogs, hot girls... cougars. They got mass appeal." -  The Situation

"If loving 
Xiao Ye is Huang, you don't wanna be right."  - Luther Ingram

Xiao Ye: a great place to crush ambient and bag trash." - Tiger Tiger Woods Yall

"If you goin to 
Xiao Ye, you know what's happenin next...." - Jamie Foxx

"Xiao Ye stays futuristic on that Jetsons tip. I seen these Huang kids put hos in spaceships. Shawties be callin them Captain Kirk and shit!" - Spacely Sprockets 

"I aint on it tonight, I need head 
for cheese. I don't care if you Japanese, Lebanese, Chinese, Siamese, just be from Xiao Yeeee... go get your wet wipes" - Cam'ron

"Out in the L.E.S.
Chillin on the steps
Drinkin Apple Sidra
He gotta be the best
Orchard St. bully
Pigeons on the text
Yall should be afraid what he gonna do next"


Got a Nice Ring to It

I was just chillin with the homies, you know Bill and RZA... mindin my own bidness..... It was tea time no less.... And I get sent this link from the homies at Eater

Some nice words from the lovely, Molly Yeh. The professional, Joe D. Then there were stray shots and little people I aint never seen. I'm tryin not to step on em.... but I hear em....  

Scream from the haters
Got a nice ring to it
I guess every Chinaman need his own theme music

Monday, August 2, 2010


Xiao Ye aka Dericious Soft Opening is over... I guess this means we're boner (hard) opening now. Thursday, we'll have the entire menu so def come thru! We are already doing a la carte 18 items, but starting thursday we'll have General Poke-her-face Prawns, Help You Poo Poo Greens, Shaved Ice, etc.

But... before all that, shout outs are in order. Its finally sunk in that we did it. This is just the start, we still need to go through the reviews, the official opening, etc. but it feels good. We've been doing 3 turns a night with a full house and things have gone well. I'm definitely happy with the squad we have and I hope you guys do too.

First off, brother #2, Emery... He's really the rock behind the operation. He watches the money, he reminds me that there are things called budgets, he deals with legal, he deals with purveyors, anything and everything besides recipes, press, and tomfoolery is Emery's department and I really couldn't have pulled this off without him. He killed it.

Pat!!!! Pat White, Grandaddy Dericious haha. There isn't much "reason" at Dericious, but when there is, its usually coming from Pat. He has slept at the restaurant the last 10 days, worked his ass off, and when things fall apart, he's always there with his chipper british accent haha. We love Pat and he's really made it a dope spot to work at. If you haven't met him, just look for the brother with a glass of red wine!

Shlomi!!! I love this guy. He's cooler than Zohan: silky smooths. Haha. In less than a week, Shlomi is cooking like a Taiwanese Grandma and nailed 80% of the menu. The last installment, we'll release Thursday. It's really dope to work with a Chef who truly wants to learn about Taiwanese food and brings an intensity to the kitchen. Shlomi always wants to hear the negative because he's always looking for a "perfect service". I like that attitude. Sometimes, its hard to find people who have that same goal, but when you find them, they're keepers! John + Coco = undefeated.

To Everyone at Baohaus! Thanks for holdin it down! I was there this morning filming Foodography for Cooking Channel but my bad I didn't see everyone. I've been MIA but Pork Fat is Forever.... yall already know. I had the buns for the first time in two weeks and the shit is still blue magic good.

To all the homies that came thru to support, I got mad love for you! We gonna keep it movin in 2010. Kickin' trash to the curb and puttin banners in the rafters. Thats how we do. Evan/Ning thanks for always pickin up the slack, designing the menus, photos, etc. Shouts to Baer, ur money is definitely green kid. Haha. I'ma make sure it come back thrice! Raf, watch for that hot trash. Uncle Jesse stayin fresh on the wall. Steve, school is for suckers. Serwer, stay reppin patrick all day erryday. Im not tryin to miss anyone but I know I did. Sparkz... u already on the wall twice! 

Last but not least.... Hyun! Uncle Kim aka The Caddyshack Killa (peep his hat) aka Kimsigliary. He's the Tom Hagen of the family. He's Korean, so, naturally, he's limited, but we work around his "problems". We'll send him to Vegas when we go to war. Haha. Just playin! Yall know I stay in Koreatown in the winter! Real talk, its been dope workin with Hyun. We're pretty much opposites. He runs 5 minute miles, I eat 5 minute meals; he likes arcade fire, I like chinatown arcades; he has a receding hairline, i push mother fuckin wigs back. He's been handling our press, events, interviews, collaborations, tv projects, birds, etc. My money got heavy starch now....  Its a laundry mat trap.

Futuristic Shit

Summer Madness

New Playlist

Mr. Big Stuff -  Biz Markie
Sleepytime in the Western World -   Blitzen Trapper
Italian Leather Sofa  -   Cake
For Your Sorrows  -   Big Boi ft. Too Short
Cookies-N-Apple Juice -   Cam'ron
No Wheaties -   Big K.R.I.T., DZA and Currensy
Watermelon Sundae -   Dom Kennedy ft. Jskillz
Camay - Ghostface Killah
Recognize   -  The Lox
Invincible -  CNN
Harlem -  Bill Withers
Vapors -  Biz Markie
Fire & Fast Bullets -  Blitzen Trapper
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ft. Junior Jazz - Easy Star All-Stars
L.A, L.A - CNN
That Brooklyn Shit -  Danger Mouse & Jemini
Hummingbird -  Born Ruffians
Let Me Roll It  -  Brendan Benson
Make You Mine  -  Breakbot
Swing  - Camp Lo
Four Little Diamonds  -  Electric Light Orchestra
Sickos   -   The Harlem Shakes
Summa of 88 -  G5 Clive
Cuffin  -  Cam'ron ft. Gucci Mane & Vado
Verbal Intercouse -  Raekwon
Candyman  - Cornershop
Lady Justice - Seasunz + J.Bless
Callin' Me  -  Consequence
Come On Baby   - Saigon ft. Swizz Beats and Jay-Z
Tip Drill  - St. Lunatics
Roc-A-Fella Billionaires  - Freeway ft. Jay-Z
Shakey Dog - Ghostface Killah
Bottom Girl - G-Unit
Shine Blockaz - Big Boi
Chunk up a Duece - Paul Wall
Let Me Ride - Dr. Dre
For All My Niggaz & Bitches   -  Snoop Dogg
Bitch  - E-40 ft. 50-Cent and Too Short
I'm A Player - Too Short
Sho' Nuff  - Freeway ft. Bun B and Jake One
Don't Bring Me Down -  Electric Light Orchestra
Don't Do Drugs  -  Danger Mouse & Jemini
Amazin' - Young Jeezy
So Ghetto  -   Jay-Z
Fried Chicken - Nas ft. Busta Rhymes
B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast) -  Rick Ross
Hip Hop Drunkies -  Alkaholiks Feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard
Top Down   -  Swizz Beatz
Throw It In the Bag -  Fabolous ft. The Dream
Pretty Girls  - Wale ft. Gucci Mane
Summer Madness (Longer Mix) -  Kool & The Gang
Me and My Crazy World  - Lost Boyz
Hip Hop Junkies - Nice & Smooth
Still On The Grind  -  UGK
Back Then - Mike Jones
Break Em Off  - Paul Wall ft. Lil Keke
Mirrors - Wale  ft.  Bun B
Up North Trip  -  Mobb Deep