Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We Got Dat Work

Flo Fab says we open, so we open. I like this Flofab chick. I'll holla at you next time I go to Wo Hop wit ur boy Sam. The entire menu available starting tomorrow at Xiao Ye aka Dericious (for those that speak Chingrish). Peep what people have been sayin!

"Everybody loves Xiao Ye: babies, dogs, hot girls... cougars. They got mass appeal." -  The Situation

"If loving 
Xiao Ye is Huang, you don't wanna be right."  - Luther Ingram

Xiao Ye: a great place to crush ambient and bag trash." - Tiger Tiger Woods Yall

"If you goin to 
Xiao Ye, you know what's happenin next...." - Jamie Foxx

"Xiao Ye stays futuristic on that Jetsons tip. I seen these Huang kids put hos in spaceships. Shawties be callin them Captain Kirk and shit!" - Spacely Sprockets 

"I aint on it tonight, I need head 
for cheese. I don't care if you Japanese, Lebanese, Chinese, Siamese, just be from Xiao Yeeee... go get your wet wipes" - Cam'ron

"Out in the L.E.S.
Chillin on the steps
Drinkin Apple Sidra
He gotta be the best
Orchard St. bully
Pigeons on the text
Yall should be afraid what he gonna do next"



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