Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Strictly for My Carnivores

I was in a meat locker all day today! BURR, BURR, BURR. What could be better than chillin in a meat locker listenin to Gucci Mane all day? Maybe being in a sour diesel smoke chamber all day listenin to Gucci? Either way, it was the shiiiiit. After months of testing, I decided to do two different Beef Baos aka The Haus Bao. Originally, the recipe I did for t.v. was a skirt steak/hanger steak bao. I like both cuts. The hanger is more toothsome aka "brolic" and the skirt is smoother/silkier but the flavor is similar since they come from the same area. They have a slight offal taste, which I like.

I also want to use independent farms, sustainable, etc, which we're going to do. Everything on the menu is from independent farms, but after several tastings, people kept bringing up the economy. They wanted a cheaper Haus Bao option cause people loved the hanger/skirt steak but at 2 for $12 thought it was a little pricey for erryday grub. The solution is that we're going to do a 100% USDA Hanger/Skirt Steak at $8.88 and then a higher-end Wagyu (Kobe) option that's M/P.

AHHHHHH, above is a giant melt in your mizzouth (pause) Wagyu Ribeye. I'm really happy with our "tiered" solution because one will be the Haus Bao and the other will be the Wagyu Bao that's a rotating Chef Selection. I will be doing different preparations, sauces, etc with the Wagyu Bao. The only constant will be the use of 100% Wagyu graded 8 or higher and of course, the Bao! This way I won't get bored cookin' up erryday and yall can "tour the cow". Yessa, yessa, ain't no tour like a Chinese tour cause a Chinese tour don't stop!!!! You know its true. The Fung Wah never takes pit stops, ride or die err... ride or pee your pantalones.

I'll be posting our menu tomorrow, but I'm still deciding betwee Poulet Rouge or Amish Chicken for one of our items..... Poulet Rouge mmmmmm

Dry Aged Steaks tagged for Craft Steakhouse

Poor lamb.... ami two fwo

You already know.....


  1. had to take photos with a blackberry so blurry... my bad

  2. Wow, I'd love to know more about meat, this looks like a scene from Rocky though...