Monday, December 14, 2009

Renovation finished!

Its finally done! That's a photo of me with the illest contractor this side of the Mississippi, Pavel Polanco of Beni Construction. He still has a few minor things to do on the punchcard we're going over in the photo, but he did a dope job. If you need any contracting work, definitely holla at him.

I did not intentionally wear a jacket to match the damn counter, but as it is with a lot of things, if you like a color, you probably have a lot of it lol. AND, if you didn't notice, yes, da homie went with the Orlando Magic color scheme for the whole restaurant LOL. Again, this was not intentional, some shit just happen some time. You can take Magic Dong Huang out of Ho-lando, but you can't take the Magic out his Dong... WORD. Shouts to every one holdin' it down smokin Ls and drinkin slurpees at gas stations. I know the Texa-ho doesn't have wi-fi but its comin, hang tight yall LOL.

JLew, Ning, and Julie were all in da house checkin out the counter. The image above is the entrance to the spot with stairs going underground, cashier counter, and bar counter where we'll have stools.

Phil was chillin in the back by the sandwich counter making sure we had enough space for the equipment coming in next week. The box in the sandwich counter is a display box, it lights up and we are putting some ill shit in there... will blog when its done.

Ning decided to test out the counter with some FOB fingers. This is the cashier counter where the lighted box has a bao in it.

JLew doin the "solid" from undercover brother. For those in NY or that will be in NY for the holidays, we are doing a private party for NYE, if you're interested, leave a comment and we'll add you to the evite. Guest list limited so let me know ASAP if you'd like to come. Hopefully we can accommodate every one.


  1. I'm very happy and excited for you brotha!!!

  2. Live around the corner from your new place. Just walked by. Looks awesome. Can't wait for you to open!