Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lots of Cheffery

Been one hell of a week. Gabe and LTO have been great; thanks to every one who's come out so far. Lots of characters coming in for dinner so far and it's been a lot of fun. Prince Language and Elliot shut it down Friday night. Shit show approved.

Those are oyster po baos that are the first dish.

Ice box duck wings. I like these a lot. My mom used to make them and we'd eat these things instead of buffalo wings watching football. All sorts of fucked up.

One of the most popular courses, FOB Roasted Chicken. We brine the chicken over night, roast it for 35 minutes, finish in the salamander, and send it out with hot infused oil over the top. Rice is salt fish and chinese broccoli fried rice.

Cold Sesame Liang Pi

Corn, leeks, and smoked pork belly all stir fried together... it's summer

Mantou Bread Pudding... I never get away from this dessert. I don't like baking but I like making this. SO I do... everytime haha. Just an FYI, the dinner also comes with DMV Crabs, gator tail, and cumin/orange peel beef skewers.

In other news, Mobb Deep likes Baohaus lemonade... the end.


  1. Hi Eddie,

    We went to have your LTO blue crab dinner on Friday night, the first night of the service I believe. We all loved the duck wings, oyster bao, blue crabs w/scallion sauce, and the corn. Very authentic Taiwanese style food (all 3 of us are from Taiwan). The gator tail, while not Taiwanese, was very good as well... who doesn't love things fried!

    However, there are a number of glitches we've noticed at opening night and we hope you take this as constructive criticism:

    1) We were never served the cumin/orange peel beef skewers. When asked by the servers, they simply said it was unavailable. We came in expecting the full prix fixe menu and for whatever reason we didn't get the full menu and were not given any replacement dish or any discount. That strikes me as odd especially if the dish is later made available for diners who come on another night.

    2) We ran into another couple we knew who had a party of 2 vs our party of 3. The host graciously let us sit next to each other so we can chat and we noticed that while their party of 2 received a whole half chicken and 6 crabs, so did our party of 3. Again, inconsistencies in the portions given the different number of people in the parties which was odd. I can understand it will be hard to provide 1/2 chicken vs 3/4 chicken but the number of crabs could have been easily adjusted (6 for party of 2, 9 for party of 3). Thankfully, one of our party was not all that into eating crabs so the remaining two of us got our fill of the crab but again one can see how it might seem inequitable the amount of servings the 3 of us received vis a vis another party of 2.

    3) The dishes came out at a different sequence than what was laid out in the menu. That made it hard to keep track of how many dishes we had left to go and whether we were missing anything (like the beef skewers). Again, it could have been a first night thing but this can be frustrating to some patrons.

    4) Finally, on the food, while we liked the majority of the dishes, all five of us found that the liang pi was a bit under-seasoned and the dessert was a little too salty. We understand the use of salt to bring out the sweetness but we believe it was a tad too much in this case. We tried to relay this feedback to the server but he was reluctant to pass this message along for some reason.

    Again, overall the food was delicious however there were some things that we felt could be improved upon and meant for this to be constructive criticism.

    Fellow Taiwanese Foodies

  2. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. We had an issue with the skewers because 2 cooks didn't show for work the first night and most of us had to cover 2 stations all night. Things worked out, but we had to drop that one dish. It was literally 2 skewers of beef (5 oz) so we offered diners a beer on the house as a substitution.

    2-tops v. 3 tops = it's a family style dinner so we can't give you 3/4 of a chicken and then stick someone with the wing/nipple of the chicken. Then there's that complaint. Any table that wanted more of a portion, we sent it, but I think you would agree, you get A LOT of food for the money.

    Liang Pi - yea, I like it just straight sesame paste, chicken stock, and peppers, but I did kick it up on the second night because people wanted a stronger sauce. It's there now. Dessert, the runners were dropping the caramel first night and over did it so now we are doing that pick up.

    I think you guys get it. 1st night at a pop up, you're literally opening a new restaurant so this feedback is helpful. Glad you liked the meal overall though. Come see us soon.



  3. Thanks for the quick response! It was definitely a lot of food for the money so even though the family portion thing was tricky, we were still stuffed at the end of the night. In fact we probably couldn't have finished the skewers even if we did get it but it would have been nice if the servers did offer us that free beer as a substitution which they forgot to do. Again, first night glitches more than anything else. Will definitely visit your restaurant(s) in the future where it's a well oiled machine. Keep up the good cheffery!

  4. Nice exchange between chef Eddie and pop up patron. Keep up the good work Eddie!


  6. mobb deep! awesomeness. just discovered your blog and am a fan!