Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Special Guest for Chinese New Year Dinner!

Great news for you, bad news for me :(. The good news is my mom wanted to come cook Chinese New Year dinner with me, so you guys are in for a treat. On the flip side, this means she's probably bringing kumon math for Evan and I to do. AGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH BOOO ASIAN PARENTS!


  1. You can cook whole steers in that pot. Those math problems are making my brain bleed. Please remove. ASAP.

  2. omg KUMON! the repressed memories!!!111 auuugh!!1

  3. LOLs. Everytime I pass by a Kumon store, I laugh at the logo - ever notice how the "smiley face" they use for the logo, the kid isn't really smiling, more like grimacing?

    At least that's truth in advertising for you.