Monday, March 22, 2010

URS - Done!

Thanks to every one who came out to the show! I really appreciate all the support the last few months and it was cool to kick it with yall.

Someone asked me an interesting question: "Why did you do a screening of the show if you lost?"

I never thought about it that way but it was interesting. I was hustlin for most of 2009 after being laid off so 25k would have been dope, but I wasn't going to get crazy competitive or wild out over it. I'm not gonna do something I regret for 25k... its peanuts. I think its really funny that the food network tries to hype up how 25k is supposedly "life changing". Antoine Walker could spend that shit by lunch.

To me, it was fun to just do the show and at the time I had no intention of opening a restaurant. Every thing just happened when I was on craigslist looking at funny jobs and there was a casting call for recipes. I sent it in, a few months later, heard back that I got cast and the day of the shoot, I just showed up at the studio in chelsea and did it. I had a lot of fun. Watching Diners, Drive-ins, Dives, I thought Guy Fieri was gonna be a wack "Bro" but he was really down to earth, funny, and genuinely a cool dude to be around. He's honest too. Once you meet him, you see why so many heads turn out for his road shows and shit. He's the man and he deserves everything that's goin well for him right now. I think Psilakis has one of the funniest roles on television as the "tough guy" sitting next to the good housekeeping lady. I can't co-sign that homie. I was on felony-p pissing in cups during lunch breaks for 3 years, that's whats really hood.

I'll have the green monster at the restaurant so people can try it for themselves. If its wack its wack so lemme know. Asian women, please don't hurt me. Yall scare me for real. Asian women berating me about my food gives me flashbacks of my mom hitting me with giant chopsticks. I'll do it for $1 one day this week. Its easy to make at home too so i'll post recipes tomorrow. Now, I did think Alford was a good judge. She has specific feedback and understands what people are trying to do. She also is fully aware of what the show is trying to do and doesn't hold punches:

"Then the ultimate thing that we look at is this a recipe that people will want to be able to cook at home and "are the instructions manageable and doable?" If it's a fifty ingredient recipe, we pretty much think people watching are going to say, "I'm not going to do that." I want people to cook, so I'm trying to make it bring more people into the kitchen.


For my recipe, you're not going to have these ingredients at the store and I'll say it again... would be nice to have more diversity of judges. But that goes for every competition outside the olympics and people still wild over that shit haha. I actually think the green monster is great and wouldn't change anything, they just got caught up trying to "categorize" or "understand it". Its food, fucking eat it.

I took what Alford said to heart and went back into the lab. You can see that the haus bao at baohaus is significantly better and improved than what I did on the show. The show bun was still sick but it didn't have the cilantro, relish, peanut, sugar. At the time, I couldn't find the peanut powder I wanted or the right sugar. Guy talked to me after the show and told me to just work hard, stick with it, and come back better than ever, so I did. I shot the show 9/24/09, opened baohaus christmas eve exactly 3 months later. My mom speak broken English, my pops got a jehri curl, i live in a one-bedroom with 2 brothers and my girl. I don't give a fuck what people above Houston think of me. We serve pimps, players, and Asians with beepers (u love it Nasir).

"So you can pay three and buy yourself some bapestas, bulletproof on the T-shirts because they hate us.... peel money rolls till our thumbs get the paper cuts... WHO GONNA STOP US? NOT A GOD DAMN ONE OF YA" - Clipse

yea u too..... LOL


  1. Dont forget that you also serve WASPs with baby blue pocket squares.

    Great seeing you on TV. Fogelman was a total yutz and did the worst air guitar since the girls on Rock of Love did a strip tease, lip synch of Poison.

    Keep it up Eddie!

  2. i love serving insects, they got mad paper.

  3. Haha, loving the Antoine Walker comment. 25k is probably his weekly child support payment.

  4. Missed the shot of Hennessy yesterday. Us Asian women will bring it in, don't be scurred, just feeding you drinks.

  5. Great piece.
    I love when you write from the heart.