Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sun Cakes!!!

I made my own sun cakes! Mr. Wu let me work at the bakery for a day and I made sun cakes! Taichung is famous for sun cakes and the Master Chef does the Moon Cakes and Sun Cakes each day. They are the hardest ones to make. So, I got thrown into the fire... Real fun.

I was retarded the first half of the day overfilling, underfilling, ripping moon cakes. So, they actually put me off to the side in the retard section to play around myself. Somehow, by the end of the day, I made perfect sun cakes! Mr. Wu goes, "This is not possible. I think Buddha is helping you." Haha. I'll post the video of the bakery tomorrow. Flip Cam is taking forever.


  1. Omg I love this stuff! My grandma lives in Taichung and would always bring sun cakes whenever she visited us in Taipei (you can't find good sun cakes in Taipei). What bakery sells this in NYC?

  2. I've never had it in NY! Once in LA, but never as good as the stuff in taichung. Its hard to make cause the sugar bubbles up in the pastry and leaks if you don't wrap it right

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