Monday, May 24, 2010

Everything But the Dog Meat Platter

This is the signature dish at Xiao Ye: Everything But the Dog Meat Platter LOL. So, in the next week or so, once we finish the menu names/design, I'll put it online. There's a normal menu and a "secret Chinese menu" with jokes and shit like Everything But the Dog Meat Platter.

At the restaurant it will be served with spareribs, ox tail, pork belly, and either short rib or beef ribs. I'm a big fan of beef ribs, but sometimes you can't get enough. The dish is red cooked with a twist. I did research on "umami" aka natural MSG and found that stewing tomatoes for a long time creates natural glutemates so I started red cooking with heirloom tomatoes in my red cooking recipe. I stew it all together in the same pot and the flavors come together real well. This is my new favorite recipe, hope yall like.