Monday, July 12, 2010

Almost ...

We almost there yall.... Signs up, staff in place, la frieda meats in the cooler, hennessy and johnnie walker comin in on thursday.... where my geishas at?

So, we have a few private dinners we're doing all week, but we'll OFFICIALLY be open to the public on Saturday. EVERY guest coming to the opening Saturday gets their choice of either a glass of sake sangria or a 77 beer on the house! Shouts to Jan at Palee Wong for the 77 beer. Cash only, no reservations, come drink wit the kid.


  1. huuuge congrats & g'luck! may you have 888 all the way, instead of "44"s.

  2. hollaaa, i'm surprised cash only wasn't followed by the cam'ron line.

    nice profile pic

  3. Saw the sign with my own two eyes !!!
    Mazel Tov

  4. congrats eddie - can't wait to come by and try it out.