Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jazzy Belles

I saw this article in the Times yesterday and was mad konflicted bout it. On one side, you know Magic Dong Huang likes to rowdy roddy pipe-her but I hate thinkin that these the future mommas of our children (Jaffe + 3 stacks). I mean, in America, when birds get out of pocket, we get PTA Meetings, "Keep Ya Head Up", or Oprah speaks. Its crazy that in China, when producers make Pigeon Programming, Big Brother just shuts it down.

I started thinking.... Wouldn't it be dope if Obama just pulled the plug on NBA wives? Or all the fucking housewives? Sex and the City, I can recognize the "cultural contribution". Desperate Housewives? Ok, you can have that, but only cause Eva Longoria is the jump. But, do we need every channel flooded with this Cougar/Golddigger shit? Can we get a Big Cat Salary Cap? Like, only so many scallywags and snaggle pusses can get made for tv gold digger gigs?

There's a limited amount of air time and we should recognize the issue of scarcity. I was at the crib last night and at 12am, I couldn't even get a straight news show. It was all Hannity, Glenn Beck, Joy Behar type-ish. Everything has a spin, an angle, an agenda. I like BBC, but I have to tivo it to watch every night. Its sad when Comedy Central has the best news programming in your country. Its fun to watch Jersey Shore and Tiny/Toya, but how much is enough? China is OD with the censorship, but they may have it right with this one.

I'm all about freedom of speech, but I think we all have a mentality that filtering our culture is someone else's job. Or we leave it to the market. The market has no conscience and its a problem. Someone gotta do sumthin....  Holla at 3 Stacks

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