Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My MAN (no homillz) Akira Back

Wuts good, Akira! Holla back, Paris! I never met Akira Back before today but we were on a panel at Asian Feastival (hyun got video tomorrow). Dude was hilarious. I like that he played ball and snowboarded before becoming a chef. Renaissance man steez gives you perspective. If you are ever in Vegas, try his thai (golden eye) snapper at Yellowtail. I had "live" golden eye snapper a few times before with a slight torch and it's one of the best cuts of fish I've ever had. The flesh stays firm because they paralize the fish. Sounds worse than it is... Trust me, fish love being paralyzed. It's their favorite thing to do besides stinking up ur fridge so don't feel bad.

On that note, my 5 favorite cuts of fish

1) Yellowtail Belly

2) Kanpachi (amber jack)

3) Sea Urchin from Maine

4) Golden Eye Snapper

5) Grouper Cheeks

Don't eat bluefin. It's the shit, but is it really necessary? Come on yall.....

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