Saturday, November 13, 2010

Goodnight Four Loko Thursdays...

Damn... Last night at 11:30pm, the task force came to Xiao Ye. Luckily my partner at the restaurant held it down and we are still open. Come by! You know the kid had to duck out cause the block is hot lol. For real, this four loko crackdown is nothin. My grandparents, aunts, uncles fled from China on a boat with a bag of baos and I had to live through kumon math.

The logo says it all. It's like bootcamp for Asian people. Rally round the family with a pocket full of TI-82s.

That said, this four loko crackdown doesn't make sense to me. We followed the law, we were in line with the SLA requirements, but basically, it was understood that if we kept selling four loko, we would be seeing a lot of raids. Fine, I'm a business... man. SLA, you're doing your job. You got pressure from Schumer, I get it. All four loko in the house was destroyed on site, it was taken off the menu, and four loko thursdays is cancelled.

Why did I put up this fight? Well, I did a post last week about legal precedent. We think these controversies are a joke, but the seminal case in Fair Use comes from 2 Live Crew. If Uncle Luke didn't put up a fight, we wouldn't have the parody exception. I don't have the money to fight this one. Who knows what could come out of it?

But, basically, the SLA doesn't have the power to ban a substance that already gained federal approval from the FDA. Yet, Schumer wants to re-write the law and circumvent this issue because it takes the FDA longer to approve/ban a substance since there are stricter guidelines on the research. But, if we are going to circumvent the law whenever we disagree and have the political backing to do so, what's the point? It seems very REPUBLICAN on Schumer's part as well to be in favor of States' Rights in this issue. If you are unfamiliar with States' Rights look no further than Brown v. Board of Education and McCulloch v. Maryland. If you look at the history of States' Rights, it's a dirty word. Wikipedia it. Yes, the kid likes to blaze, has no short term memory, but every once in a while I get it together. Some people remember the Alamo, I remember Bush v. Gore. Always fight the power...

Here are photos from Thursday:

There were white women in the house

My two favorite Jewish people was in the house

Filipino representatives from Undrcrwn was in the house

Mexican People like Tanya was in the house

My money manager was in the house... Touchdown

My favorite black persons Elena and Serita aka "Elena's only friend" LOL was in the house.

Baohaus employees like Kim was in the house

Many outdoorsmen and women was in the house

People not dressed for winter was in the house

Why are we counting all the categories in our photos? Because four loko is well received by ALL, except the SLA and Charles Schumer. I'm joining the tea party because if what they say is true, they would be in favor of the right to independently choose to drink four loko... I think. Really. Are there people blacked out in this photo? Is anyone not having a great fucking time? Is anyone's face reading: "Please ban this four loko!" No.


  1. All four loko in the house was destroyed on site, it was taken off the menu, and four loko thursdays is cancelled.

    What's the basis for destroying the four loko and/or forcing it off the menu?

  2. Destroying a legal product that you have purchased is illegal by all mean. This seems like one of those old school prohibition raids. Not funny at all for those that believe that we do live in a free country. This is sad and we should fight these nut job politicians that make decisions based on news coverage who make big deals out of nothing to sell advertising. Sparks is an alcohol based energy drink that has been around for years and kids in college have been getting wrecked on it. Why isn't it banned? When I was in college we were mixing vodka and gatorade, cause we would get wasted on it. Should they ban the sell of gatorade? This is sad for a "free" country. I hope we all fight this form of controlled government.
    -Chef David Scott Walker

  3. Sparks reached a similar agreement a few years ago I believe. This is absolutely unacceptable. The state cannot come and destroy your private property if they have not been given the authority. You should call for the resignation of the chairman of the SLA, and whichever commissioner ordered this to happen. This is a blunder of gigantic proportions. What they did was clearly illegal.

  4. ... Chuck Schumer announced in a press release that the FDA "will rule that caffeine is an unsafe food additive to alcoholic beverages, effectively making products such as Four Loko, Joose, and others like them, prohibited for sale in the United States."

    So, If you can pour a Jack and Coke can you pour a Four Loko?

  5. wait, what?

    what grounds did they have to force you to pour out the product? i've never even heard of that treatment for a restaurant. normally they have to cite some health safety violation to even be allowed to inspect your operation during normal business hours.

    if they forced you to take it off the menu, are convenience stores in the area now barred from selling four loko as well?

    what is going on? shit's ridiculous.

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