Monday, February 7, 2011

Back By Popular Demand

Yall know the kid had a rough end to 2010. When I mapped out 2011, I had the big bullseye on last week. Evan and I planned for weeks how to execute 5 events in 7 days. From Metromix to Maxine Hong Kingston to CNY to Lucky Rice at BK Flea, we did the damn thang on one ankle, rang in the new year, and chef'd with the lights on. Feels good to have the shit on smash. Shouts to every one who came through. Matt Rodbard, Gina and the Metromix team; Solmaz, Ken, Maxine, and Asian American Writers Workshop; Danielle and Barbara from Lucky Rice; Francis, Kat, Kaitlin from SFA. Mom, Dad, Emery, Evan, nothing happens without you guys. Yall all my mother fuckers.

And last but not least, my favorite staff in any of the 5 boroughs, No.7... It's like Cheers in Brooklyn without any of the shit that makes Boston or Cheers suck. Actually, it's not like Cheers at all. It's just No. 7. They may not always have clothing or dipset on the ipod, but they have HELMETS. In all seriousness, thanks for adopting a Chinaman. Best Chinese New Year in a long time. I'ma let the photos tell it.

Max's Birthday coincided with CNY so he had to get busy

Chicken and Red Sausage Casserole at Metromix (Ewing beanie FTW)

Remy and Honey Pu-ehr Hot Toddy for Maxine

Lion's Head Meatballs, Edamame/sour cabbage/bamboo stir fry, and braised Nappa for Lucky Rice. Details about the festival coming this week. Your boy will be in the building.

What? Yall didn't know the kid was a Jedi?

Champagne courtesy of the big homie Mike Madrigale... Noah was in the house too, if you haven't seen his interview with Eater, DO IT. Dude is mad futuristic. Another former attorney makin sandwiches. 

You know I gotta thank my connect... Lafrieda got that work.

Broccoli Pancakes stuffed with fried red sausage, cruller, haus relish, peanut, sugar and cilantro. That's the only food photo I got. If yall got some, HIT ME

I said it before, I say it again, we back by popular demand...

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