Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Funny, I saw this article this morning and thought, this is like getting caught with my pants down (pause). Cause the people coming to the blog for the first time off the article are gonna see a post about amare stoudemire. Not even a review of the Coney Combo at MSG (RIP, I miss you coney combo - knish hot dog jumpoff FTW).

Josh is a cool dude and I really liked his piece. I do stand by my food though. Even though I got a goose egg the first time for Xiao Ye, Sifton did come back for CNY and I got a favorable review from Sarah DiGregorio at the Voice for XY which covers ethnic food better than anyone. I definitely understand that the things I do and say outside the restaurant are at times bigger than the food, but you're only as good as the last dish you served. I'm about my food, the culture, and peelin' money rolls till our thumbs get the paper cuts... #startrak #PushaT

p.s. saw the king's speech last week, new vocabs "we king'in" dumb hard


  1. I am here and that is all you need...:)) just fyi it was through Time and the above article that brought me...isn't that what this thing called 'the internet' is all about?