Friday, June 17, 2011

Team Baohaus

Yo! So it's been a week since LTO, but never too late to say thanks. We've been busy over at W+K Shop but wanted to shout out the guys who were cookin' up at LTO with us. Sean Scotese was Sous-Chef for the week and he really put in work. He's in the photo above and Henry in the background. You'll be seeing Henry around at 137 running the kitchen starting next week so definitely say wassup to him. Sean will be on Chopped next season so definitely be on the look out for that. Like Yan, the man can cook...

Big Mike Staab made sure not to work too hard. This why he gets the big checks. To drink on the line and take photos with P.

Of course, Evan was in the building. For those that don't know, Evan is my younger brother, but he like 10 years more mature than the kid. He runs our operations, watches our books, and cuts the checks. I get to chef cause he holds down every thing else. At LTO he was expediting along with Dmitri and Jose who you'll probably see at W+K Shop this week. Know your cooks, PEACE.