Friday, March 16, 2012

Tune in to Unique Eats this Sunday!

Yo! No time table yet on Cheap Bites, but in the mean time check out Unique Eats. The new season premieres this Sunday. Great show produced by Irene Wong that I'm a featured commentator on. I met Irene through Cousin Wong aka Lee Anne Wong and Portland was the first episode I did. Of course, your boy boy Andy Ricker was tops, but there was a lot of other good food in Portland at places not named the dump truck which brings me to the best part of working with Irene.

Unlike other producers, she doesn't make you read a script, she doesn't make you comment on restaurants you don't like, and she really just asks you to be the best version of yourself possible. I get to go to restaurants, take my own notes, and say my own shit in the studio. Most shows, you show up and they give you notes same day so you're trapped. Irene sends me her thoughts way in advance, I send her mine and then I craft my own script for recording. It's not as rowdy as I'd like and my requests for Gremlins as props was shot down, but I get it, cooking shows are still for middle-aged people who have sex on their backs twice a month. This is as much as they can handle. Luckily, Irene did let me compare Portland to Meth Labs. That was dope. Get rich quick young people so we can make shows for you.

"Can't get paid and the Earth this big, you worthless kid..." - Cam'ron


  1. Twice a month? Are you serious? Special occasions only young'un. Hang onto your dreams:)

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