Monday, November 12, 2012


It's here... the mofuckin Taiwan episode.

In part 1, you'll see Taiwan is a culturally strange island with really idiosyncratic humor. If there's one thing I tell people about Taiwan it's that the place is mad funny, but people are in on the joke. They aren't oblivious. All the time, I laugh at bathroom or public signage and the locals laugh with me. They know it's ridiculous that there are signs that say SAUCE MOISTENING AREA, they just figure it's as close as they're gonna get and they're easy going. Multiple times I pointed out how signs weren't saying what they were supposed to and owners would laugh hysterically, wave the white flag in defeat, and go back to eating whatever pig parts were on a plate in front of them. It has a lot of the hustle that Japanese occupation and Chinese immigration must have brought with them, but at the end of the day it is an ISLAND and people are chill.

Growing up, people always asked "What is Taiwan? Is it China? Is it Asia? Is it Pacific Islander?" Taiwan is Taiwan. It's weird, it's hysterical and loveable. I think it's the pound for pound greatest eating city in the world, but tons of shows take you to night markets but don't capture what it's like to kick it with the people of Taiwan and for me it's non stop spit your soy milk out funny. The most under appreciated aspect of Taiwanese culture is the humor. The island isn't oblivious or stupid, a lot of it is intentional and the awareness is charming.

Oh yea, here's David Laven the producer eating chocolate dillz. We didn't even have to ask him to do it. This dude was like "YO, camera A, you ready? camera b? camera c? Eddie with the instagram? Alright, someone fuck this up cause I'd love to swallow another three chocolate penis cakes if we have time."

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Locals with that bbq hot trash flow

This was my favorite hot bar lunch spot. Nothing fancy, but it really felt like eating at home because this one Ah-ma just put out 15 to 20 dishes of random stir fried vegetables, lu wei, red cooked meat, a fried chicken leg, soup, pan fried croaker, etc. You picked and choosed and paid by weight. Whole Foods need teaching.



  1. this episode was real tight man, i'm lookin forward to VICE dropping the next parts. i can already see in this couple minute clip that you're covering a side of taiwan that nearly every single TV host/foodfiend/non-local tries to experience or exemplify. bein from SF, i enjoyed the bay FOB but this one is already killin it. hilarious bro!

  2. Hey you make Tawain look awesome, I like your take on the cultural tour through food. Hopefully I never have to end up scrimping however the rest of Taiwan looks awesome. I also enjoye the SF FOB, I would like to also do the burrito tour. You need to swing through San Diego, I think we have really awesome Mexican Food and we are really close to the border which you should also check out. Thanks look forward to more. Andrew

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