Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting a Loan

So, after cooking, I went to go get a loan. That is me above. Things went well until they asked me for some information:

LLC, Tax ID, etc...

For all you aspiring entrepoorneurs out there, leave the gun, bring the Tax ID.

They said that to get a loan, I needed these things:
Register the business
Get Tax ID
Establish checking acct
Put in app for biz loan
Look at our pay stubs
Look at our taxes

Chase was cool though. Once I took off the mask, they sat down, told me that they could actually do the LLC and Tax ID registration for me. So that was dope. Will let you guys know how it goes with the loan application.


  1. Speaking of loans, I told you I need my Glock back. Can't have you wavin' it around and throwing pics up on the internet.

  2. oh my god, this is hilarious!!! haha

  3. My bad Big Mike, but in my defense, you'll be happy when you get it back. I took off the safety, shit was getting in the way of getting money.

  4. This is the future, just finished reading FOB. Great to see how it All worked out for you, mad respect.