Thursday, October 1, 2009

Reader Questions

I love reader questions. Almost as much as I love getting really blazed using my volcano vaporizer and eating gummies.... but not quite. OD'ing on gummies is still my favorite thing to do in life. Its just not so fun when your teeth are rotting and your breath is stanking cause you fell asleep eating a pound of gummies watching Martin Yan's China. Martin Yan's China is the best way to brush up on your Chingrish. Phrases like, "This is the fashion" or "Rook how beaurifo my kung pao panda rook on dees rotus reef." are great for get togethers during the moon festival!

Anyway, reader questions...

"Where is the restaurant going to be?" Either NYC or Boston. Looking in both places right now, specifically East Village south of 13th, north of Houston in NYC and Brighton/Brookline in Boston.

"Is this a Chinese Restaurant?" Well, I am a Chinaman, there will be a few chinaman items, but no, it is not a "Chinese Restaurant". But like they say, "You can take a chinaman out the paddies, but he will still put MSG in all your food."

"How big is your penis?" Somewhere between not so shitty and not so big....but shawties love my food so it dont matter. they are so far in a MSG coma that they wake up and ask, "what happened?" and I say, I just brought the sichuan earthquakes to your vagina. BONG FUCKING BONG.


  1. "You can take a chinaman out the paddies, but he will still put MSG in all your food"

    I love this blog. This shit had me rollin....a dutch? No seriously though, you should consider Harlem, or even higher, the Heights, or Inwood. It's been the new Brooklyn. Uptown's where it's at. But we need better food up here.

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