Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Loco Moco above, brunch menu below. We open at 11am Saturday and Sunday, service ends at 4pm and dinner starts at 6. I'll be there ... in costume. Let's go hard in the paint.


Prescription Meds
Rice Porridge - 12 - provides soothing relief via pork sung, silken tofu, scallions, pickles, radish, fried fish cake and sunny side up soy egg
Spicy Beef Noodle Soup - 12 - a spicy short rib based remedy commonly siphoned into the eyes of Taiwanese children if they get A-’s. 
Pork Chop Noodle Soup - 12 - Who needs tussin? Pour some pork chop noodle soup on it. 
Loco Moco - 13 - imported from Hawaii. This cure for the common gang bang comes with a 6oz Pat La Frieda Burger topped with sweet chili gravy, sunny side up egg, cilantro, and a bed of rice.
Grand Slam - 16 - more problems than a little bit? Get the grand slam which includes your choice of fried chicken or pork chop served with XY Hash, Red Sausage Gravy, and sunny side up soy egg.
Taiwanese Flat Booty Cakes - 12 - like secretary booty, but topped with spicy lychee condensed milk syrup, whipped cream, and crushed peanuts
Red Bean Cakes - 12 - like above but filled with red bean and topped with condensed milk syrup, whipped cream, and crushed peanuts
Over the Counter
Mantoast w/ sweet chili compound butter    5
XY Hash w/ or w/o red sausage                     5
Fried Fish Cake                                                 3
Red Sausage Link                                            3
Bao Fries w/ condensed milk (plain or ovaltine) 6
Soy Sauce Egg                                             2
Rice Balls                                                      3

pork chop noodle soup

Rice Porridge before the sunny side up egg... you can get your eggs over easy, but much butter sunny side up so you can mix the yolk with everything

Wit sunny side up

Look Mom! I read Thomas Keller and strained my shit! Spicy Beef Noodle Soup


  1. Dude, how do you eat a pork chop in a bowl of noodle soup? Chopsticks, spoon, knife, AND fork? Baller presentation, but maybe cut it into strips and lay it in the bowl? My 2c.

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  4. XY = awful. seriously. get out while you can and open another baohaus in williamsburg (and keep them both open til 2am, 4am thrs-sat.

  5. not one of these plates of food look good.

  6. Dear Above Anonymous Haters,
    it's one thing if you bitch about xy on yelp and
    other amateur crit sites, but when you go into
    this personal blog and write dumbass comments,
    is just an act of vengeance. It's like entering someones private
    home when they aren't there & totally trashing it.
    If you don't like XY food- Don't go back, you won't
    be missed, coz you are all negative energy.

  7. Um. I'm there. I wonder what you're Bloody Mary will taste like...hmmmm...

  8. Oh, hey, Anonymous=no balls. Say it like you mean it, goddamnit.

  9. hey dude- I don't live in new york, i was stuymbling through the new york times online and found the infamous review of your spot. kinda ugly. as a native new yorker, and current clevelander, i have seen some shit in my day in the biz. i read the review, and thought, "what a douche". but, then i hooked into your blog, and i think i get what you're tryin to do. I just wanted to say that i appreciate your sense of humor and roll wit it attitude. the east village def has room for your scene, and if the food is good, you might have something. people are motivated to post comments primarily when they are mad, and not so much when they are happy. I stress again, i haven't had your food, but it looks to me from afar that your heart is in the right place. you remind me of my friend raymond wong from way back when i lived in san fran. and props for taking the criticism constructively, and revamping your menu. next time i'm in the city to visit my friend in brooklyn we might creep out for some fun. it seems fun is your main motivation, and you're definitely doin a good job of that...

  10. Hey what's good over there. I saw your review on and I really am feelin the positive energy you putting out there. I'm heading over to NY after NYE and I'll definitely take my friends out to your place. Stay up, I like the way you representin us over there in NY.


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