Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Menu Pricing

Here is the new menu. It is shorter than before because we'll have multiple specials each day. Fried pork chops, okra stew, curry chicken on rice, etc. The goal was to give portions/prices that work for the neighborhood. In and out for under $15 and that's with a beer or four loko haha. Brunch, all items except the grand slam are $12 or less and include a drink. See u around.


  1. Fucking brilliant! I'm just one of those anonymous internet fools, but I love BaoHaus with all my heart. I don't even eat meat most of the time, but I'll walk 15 blocks for a Haus Bao.

    I'd been looking forward to Xiao Ye for months, but when I finally went with my buddies it crushed our wallets hard. I'm looking forward to going back with the new friendlier prices, and I'm excited that you'll be offering specials. You're one creative mofo, and I can't wait to see what surprises you're cooking up.

    FYI, I'll buy any crazy thing you cook up if it's under $5. It can be a thimble sized portion, I don't mind. I want to try it all. Or if you offered a pupu platter with a little taste of all your jams, like a mixtape, that would be awesome.

    You're a smart talented fuck. Please keep kicking out the jams.

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