Saturday, February 18, 2012


Yesterday Noisey ran this article about how JLIN7 loves christ and hates good music. Then, last night, our winning streak ends and Jeremy dribbles the ball off his foot mad times. For real, he looked like Antoine Walker throwing the ball out of bounds just for the fuck of it. I think this Christian music is to blame. That shit is not Lecrae! (credit: @itsthereal).

So, without any further ado, I present the mixtape THUG MOTIVATION JLIN7: No More Turnovers. After every Knick loss, tune in here for a playlist to motivate this fool, he needs it. All the gods are on this joint. Killa, C-Murda, UGK, Trick, even bitch ass nelly is on here with that tip drill motivation. We got the brother some crack music, some ass music, some spot rushin music, all that thug motivation, LETS GO! TM JLIN7 SNOW GO! #MSGdreams (I SEE U MERO)

For that thug motivation, click here


  1. Is it me or like 3-4 turnovers every game are from him getting hit hard and no foul called? These refs dont respect the chinaman yet. They'll be sucking him off when Haier or Lee Kam Kee buys the NBA.

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