Saturday, April 10, 2010

9 Suns Bakery

My new goal in life is to be a BOSS like Mr. Wu.... I met Mr. Wu who owns 9 Suns Bakery, which specializes in Sun Cake. The Big Homie is such a boss he pulled the whip INTO the foyer of the store and parked. I can't wait to get a whip and pull it up onto the curb in front of our crazy neighbor the Psychotic Bag Lady.

Mom was in the house. This photo was taken B.B.B. (Before the Bitching Began). She was being nice here and then started going off on all sorts of things like: when are you going back to being an attorney, can you convince Evan to become an architect, why are you so fat? All fobtastic questions mom. But I have no fobtastic answers for you.

This is the remixed savory version with dried pork sung and sugar.

This was my favorite. Coal flavored! Coal is real popular in Taiwan for its versatility and "healing" properties. They have Coal face wash, coal to put around the house for good "universe vibes", and now sun cake. This tasted just like their original flavor sun cake with a hint of sesame. Coal doesn't have a flavor, but you feel like its slimming cause its black. Like when Mac had the black graphite mac. Nothing real different functionally, it just looks cool.

This is the front of the store.


  1. Your mom and my mom would be best friends. I get the, "why aren't you a doctor, why aren't you emaciated like the rest of the asian female population, when are you getting married?" Oh, Mom....stop being so Chinese!

    I'm planning to go to China/HK and hopefully Taiwan so I'm jotting all the names of these places down.

    P.S. I love your baos! My friend and I like to hit your place up late night and go to sleep with a food baby in our stomachs. Umm...