Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guerilla Cooking!

Great article today in The New York Times about induction cooking! Really glad people are paying attention. We call it Guerilla Cooking. Just like DJs (Kool Herc) who started the hip hop scene back in the day plugging speakers/turntables into street light power lines in the Bronx, you could set up a kitchen on the street the same way! (if you're interested in the history, read Nelson George's Hip Hop America. He is doing a event at Greenlight Bookstore in Ft. Greene too!)

We went with induction because its what we're used to and cause of low entry costs! In Taiwan, people set up affordable space saving kitchens by using induction stoves. When I went through the laws for opening a restaurant in NYC, I noticed that I simply couldn't afford it. Hood vents are required in restaurants and they cost between 15k and 30k. BUT, there's a loop hole! If you use electric cooking methods i.e. "heat up" cooking, you don't need a hood! You just saved 15k! The bad part is your customers smell like pig booty after they leave which is what happened at Baohaus the first 3 months. Once we got the bread, we bought a hood and now you all can have enjoyable sex after baohaus without feeling like grimey animals.

I like things like induction stoves because it allows more people to play "the game" i.e. open restaurants. Take advantage yall! I even use cheap ass ikea pots and chopsticks for everything! Long chop sticks for frying/sauteeing/and stirring big pots of stew haha. You too can win Best of NY: Buns with $18 pots LOL, I feel like Gusteau from Ratatouille...

You don't need to be a foodie buying over priced le creuset cookware in Soho. Instead of focusing on expensive equipment, tools, etc. practice your craft with what you have around you! A lot of the best stuff I've made was out of necessity because I had to create a new technique or use a different ingredient cause I didn't have the money for the norm. I have shitty knife skills, but I practice and I work with what I have. There was a nice No Reservations episode about Techniques that I really liked so check that out too. I think some of the foodie culture is ass backwards because people put the cart before the horse doing advanced things or using end-game tools. Stick to the basics and you'll be fine...


  1. If I knew enjoyable sex came after a Baohaus meal I'd be getting a Straight Frush right now

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