Friday, April 9, 2010

When in Alaska, Eat like Santa Claus

Flight stopped over in Alaska for gas. I thought I wouldn't need to eat since I brought 1lb of gummy bears with me on the flight, but my colorful friends didn't hold me down. Here in Alaska they are offering Udon Noodles w/ Reindeer, Reindeer Dogs, and Halibut & Chips. Any other time, I would get the halibut and chips, but this place was grimey. I wasn't trying to get diarrhea before I even got to Taiwan. So I got Udon with Reindeer Sausage.

I'm not even gonna front it tastes like Winter Ale Sausage LOL. For real, its like a kielbasa that they hit with a variety of apple pie seasonings. Not bad, but definitely not good.

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